With features including powerful motors that achieve speeds up to 10 km/h and improved responsiveness, the Jazzy® 623 2.0 is engineered to meet the performance needs of the most active user. The Jazzy® 623 2.0 comes standard with TRU-Balance 3 50 degree tilt and optional 25.4 cm (10”) of lift elevation, while a VR2 controller offers two seating functions (as standard) and delivers smooth, nimble manoeuvrability matched with exceptional outdoor performance.

  • Quick Height Adjustable (QHA) armrests
  • TB3 Tilt – TRU-Balance 50 degree tilt
  • Swing-a-way leg rests with angle adjustable foot plates or centre-mount footboard
  • Choice of either TRU-Comfort back or upgrade to ADI backs
  • Choice of cushion
  • Stealth headrest