Ideal for those who struggle to bend when putting socks/stockings on

The Sock and Stocking Helper makes putting on of socks, hose and compression stockings easier, the sock is stretched over the metal frame, and the foot placed into the sock using the handles to position correctly.

The sock assist opens the sock and positions it to easily glide on the foot without bending down, twisting around or reaching over. Perfect for those
with limited mobility and those recovering from surgery or injury.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Can be used to put on most socks, stockings, and tights
  • Helps to reduce the need to bend when dressing
  • Can be used in a standing or seated position

Instructions for use:

1. Place sock inside semi-circle frame and pull the top of the sock down over the semi-circle. The heel of the sock must face the arc of the sock helper

2. Insert foot into the sock until your foot is completely on the floor

3. Grasp the handles and gently lift the sock helper up and slightly incline the angle toward your body until the sock slips off the frame

4. Thigh and waist height stockings can also be done in the same manner. Pull the stocking to knee and then pull the upper portion into place by hand


Wipe clean with a cloth. Keep in a cool and dry place