The SupaLite Four is the four-wheel version of the SupaLite scooter. This Australian designed portable mobility scooter is incredibly light, with it’s heaviest piece when taken apart weighing just 14.8kg. The short wheelbase on the front tyres offers a surprisingly tight turning circle, making this scooter excellent for maneuvering sharp turns or narrow aisles at the shops. A padded seat, adjustable armrests and rear pneumatic tyres mean your ride is smoother and more comfortable for longer or slightly bumpier rides. For added safety, the SupaLite Four slows down automatically around sharp corners, minimising the risk of tipping over.

A basket is fitted to the front of your new SupaLite Four, offering storage for personal items without needing to worry about carrying a bag around with you. Taking apart this scooter couldn’t be simpler. The seat lifts straight off, and you can choose to remove the battery or just leave it on board, then fold down the tiller and place the two or three parts into the back of your car.