Super-Light Multi-Function Hybrid Electric Wheelchair Innovative Lightweight Design Dismantles For Transport In Seconds. The benchmark weight for true portability is widely regarded as being under 20kgs and the new Combi SupaChair is destined to be a game changer with a drive unit that weighs a stunningly low 15kgs. The comfort level and range of adjustments on the Combi exceeds that of most electric wheelchairs and even experienced users are impressed with the performance and all-round capabilities.

  • 2 in 1 Hybrid Wheelchair
  • All are easily and quickly attached without tools.
  • Rear mounted luggage frame.
  • Detachable foot board.
  • 20″ or 24″ solid self-propelled wheels.
  • Attendant control bracket.
  • Super-light multi-function hybrid electric wheelchair