Vulkan Fixed Walker provides maximum support to the ankle with decreased heel-strike force on calcaneus.

• Lightweight and low profile aluminium side struts.
• Rocker-bottom design assists gait.
• Simple to apply and adjust by circumferential straps.

How to Wear:
• Remove foam insert and fit around ankle.
• Place inside boot and secure with straps.

• Grade II/III ankle sprain.
• Stable fracture of the fibula, talus, calcaneus and medial malleolus.
• Post ligament, soft tissue and tendon surgery.
• Forefoot or midfoot injury.

Washing Instructions:
Wash in cold water, gentle cycle and mild soap. Do not dry clean or tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not use bleach. Dry in an air current, and do not expose this brace to any heat source.